One Health Timeline

One Health is not a new idea, but scientists and policy makers are returning to it as they attempt to tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century. Key happenings in the modern One Health movement in the United States include:

  • May 2007: The American Medical Association (AMA) endorses the One Health approach in a resolution (pdf) to “engage in a dialogue with the American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) to discuss strategies for enhancing collaboration between human and veterinary medical professions in medical education, clinical care, public health, and biomedical research.”
  • June 2009: The One Health Commission (OHC), a non-profit organization that is the fruit of the collaboration between the AMVA and the AMA, is officially chartered.
  • June 2015: The OHC pens a letter to President Barack Obama, respectfully requesting that One Health platforms be chartered at federal and state levels in the US, and in the United Nations.
  • March 2016: Senator Al Franken (D-MN) of the Senate Health Committee introduces the National One Health Act of 2016, which calls for a “national, interagency One Health Program to address infectious diseases in animals and the environment, and to help prevent the transmission of known and emerging infectious diseases between animal populations and human populations.”
  • September 2016: The Washington University, Auburn University, University of Missouri Consortium on One Health (WAMCOH) officially launches at the Inaugural One Health Conference at the Saint Louis Zoo. WAMCOH seeks to advance the One Health mission by growing ties in collaborative research and education between three preeminent research institutions in America’s heartland.


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